Our first activity night!

Today was our first activity night and it was hosted by Carefree Living, the facility where Be a Pal began. The volunteers and residents got together to socialize, play games, and even enjoy an ice cream sandwich. 

Be a Pal will be visiting facilities every other week for activity nights. Right now we are serving three of the ten location we have Pals in but we do plan to add many more facilities. We are also looking for more volunteers to help with activity nights as well as our volunteer Mondays where we go in and help out the with any needs the facilities may have. If you are interested please reach out to Jess with your interests in how to be a part of Be a Pal.

You can reach us at volunteer@beapalmn.org

Please feel free to learn more about Carefree Living and the supportive services they provide their residents at www.carefreeliving.com