About Our Organization

Our mission is to provide support to seniors in Crow Wing County by connecting individuals with pen pals.

We dedicate our time and resources to improving

the mental well-being of our communities.

We provide mental health awareness facts + tips to help those struggling. With so many people suffering from mental health issues, especially depression, Be a Pal encourages all to stay positive! We believe it is important for all to feel loved and valued. 

What We Do

We send our Pals birthday + holiday cards, colored pictures, as well as gifts + letters written by their Pals. We focus on connecting Adults in Senior Living Facilities with community members, who share similar hobbies + interests.

What We Supply

We supply everything needed to write your letter including paper, envelopes, pictures to color, coloring crayons, and postage. All donations are used for gifts, letters and supplies including stickers, folders, fuel cards and more.

What To Write About

Your interests + hobbies. Your family + pets. Your job. You favorite memories. Special things that remind you of your Pal. Any of your favorite things. We encourage Pals to get as personal as they are comfortable with.

Dedicated to uplifting others. ​

Striving to keep the art of handwritten letters alive, Be a Pal provides letters, cards and other gifts to adults living in Brainerd Lakes Area Senior Living Facilities.

Our Story

During Covid, the founder found herself sitting at home, lonely. She thought about all of those in facilities that don’t have strong support and what they must be going through, especially during this pandemic. Jess thought it would be fun to become a pen pal. She wrote a greetings card to all 32 residents of that facility and to her surprise, 12 responded! From there she reached out to friends and family and found pen pals for each interested resident. This program was a big hit and expanded to other facilities, becoming a nonprofit!